Heated well Therma Dry GN 3/1

Heated well Therma Dry GN 3/1

WHB TD 3/1 mTR fWB EW1
Dry-heated well for keeping food warm in Gastronorm containers up to 200 mm deep. Therma Dry for installation in a counter or mobile bain marie.
Key facts
  • For 3 containers GN 1/1

  • Optimal food presentation

  • Up to 63 % less energy consumption

  • No disturbing water vapour

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Bain-marie well completely made of stainless steel, interior with smooth surfaces and fully... more

Product information

Bain-marie well completely made of stainless steel, interior with smooth surfaces and fully welded. The entire module is thermally insulated, with a double-walled access door on the operator's side with handle strip with folded edge. For ergonomic loading of the well, the access door is opened to the front, magnetic closing holds the door shut. For easy and hygienic cleaning of the interior, the access door can be removed without tools and reinstalled after cleaning. At the bottom of the well there is a glass ceramic plate installed using special adhesive with a heating cartridge with infrared lamps below. The heating energy reaches the food containers with almost no loss and ensures that the food is kept warm evenly in accordance with HACCP guidelines. The heating intensity of each well can be separately adjusted using a power control on the operator-side switch panel. The front switch panel with on/off switch and power control for regulating the heating intensity is recessed in relation to the front of the Therma Dry to protect it from damage. The heating cartridge and electrical components are easily accessible by removing the switch plate and can be easily replaced during servicing. The standard version of the Therma Dry controls the overhead infrared lamp in the separately specified gantry module in the same way for each GN field.

Technical information

Temperature range: analogue controller, stepless
Capacity: 1020 W
Supply voltage: AC 220-230 V
Nominal current: 4.40 A
Protection class: Klasse 1
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Weight: 62.797 kg
Width: 1200 mm
Depth: 635 mm
Height: 400 mm