New from Hupfer

A Hupfer product has won a Gold Innovation Award in England for the second time in a row.
By positioning itself as a provider of “Efficient Food Performance”, at this year’s Internorga Hupfer’s main focus will be consistently directed at foodstuffs. Whether mobile bain maries, plate dispensers or buffet carts – gentle regeneration processes, appealing presentation of dishes, economic efficiency and compliance with foodstuffs directives are some of the key quality features that Hupfer solutions can provide.
Hupfer has significantly improved the working environment at its stud welding systems with an internally developed concept for a sound-absorbing housing with integrated extractor system.
Hupfer will be introducing a new generation of hygienic stainless steel furniture at this year’s Medica. The cabinets and cleaning table systems designed especially for operating theatres and central sterile services departments now allow complete cleaning of previously inaccessible recesses in furniture.
The INTERGASTRA 2018 which starts on 3 February will see Hupfer return to Stuttgart again. The Hupfer sales team will be presenting a range of exciting product innovations for the first time in this form to the expert German public.
His jacket slung casually over his shoulder, hands on hips and always there one day earlier: When head chef Thomas B. Hertach aka “Hertach, the logistics tester” knocks on the door of a commercial kitchen, no stone remains unturned in the search for potential logistics improvement.
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