Platform dispenser for crockery

Enclosed platform dispenser with platform suspended on springs for holding rectangular porcelain standard crockery items.
Key facts
  • Platform: 470 × 340 mm

  • Stacking height: 696 mm

  • Max. 160 bowls PN-1/1-Plus

  • Max. 608 bowls PN-1/4

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Dispenser in self-supporting and hygienic design made of high-quality stainless steel. Enclosed,... more

Product information

Dispenser in self-supporting and hygienic design made of high-quality stainless steel. Enclosed, smooth outer housing with a stacking compartment including inner panelling of vertical, plastic-coated struts. Removable platform made of HPL laminate with ball bearing platform guide. Optimised crockery guide with raised trim that runs all the way round the stacking compartment with reinforced stacking corners. Consistent dispensing height due to manually adjustable system of stainless steel tension springs. Easy cleaning of the stacking compartment from above. Four solid polymer corner bumpers at the bottom, and two on the top of the body with integrated, ergonomically designed push handles, for all-round collision protection of the device and walls. Mobile dispenser with 4 swivel castors, including 2 with total brakes, ø 125 mm, secured with multiple bolted screw-on panels.

The Hupfer platform dispenser for china BPN 4-P is used to store and transport porcelain standard tableware without the use of baskets. The two push handles installed on the corners of the unit ensure optimal handling properties. The ergonomically shaped push handles also guarantee effective protection against injuries to the hands.

Technical information

Capacity: 340 Teller PN 1/1, 22 mm hoch
Payload: 160 kg
Weight: 38.735 kg
Width: 710 mm
Depth: 530 mm
Height: 900 mm