Food transport trolley with hinged lid

Food transport trolley in heated design for transport, delivery and provisioning of prepared dishes in GN containers.
Key facts
  • With 3 wells for GN containers up to 200 mm high

  • With heated cupboards for GN 1/1

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Trolley in robust, self-supporting and hygienic design, made of high-quality stainless steel.... more

Product information

Trolley in robust, self-supporting and hygienic design, made of high-quality stainless steel. Closed design with cover folded on all sides and continuous raised perimeter. One hinged lid above the cover, split 1/3 to 2/3, that also fulfils its function when using GN containers with lid and that is equipped with one stainless steel bow-shaped handle each per lid segment on both face sides. 1/3 segment with a perforated plate, can be removed for cleaning and folded down by 270°, lockable in a 180° position, for portioning and provisioning of plates or as storage place for ladles. 2/3-Segment can be folded down by 270° and used as shelf for GN lids with horizontal strut made of ø 0.31'' (8 mm) stainless steel wire, with condensate collection pan. Fully insulated wells, seamless and jointless welded into the cover, for wet heating, with deep-drawn fill level marking. Each well holds one GN 1/1-200 container or smaller container. Residue-free emptying of well thanks to special inclination of well via separate drain and using 1/2'' ball valve to be operated from the exterior. Drain tap protected against inadvertent opening, setting can easily be seen even from a distance. In base completely sealed by welding, heated cabinet compartments with deep-drawn shelf beads for provisioning of meals in GN containers or baskets. Double-walled and sound-insulated double-wing doors with a safely locking vice-action latch and continuous frame seal ensure ¿ together with a high-quality insulation and the thermal partition between the cabinet compartments and to the wells ¿ minimise temperature losses even when used as cooling compartment with a cold storage plate. Heating of the wells through energy-efficient film heaters with optimum heat conduction. Reduced heating time to reach a water temperature of 194°F (90 °C) for max. 30 minutes, with a radiated heat at the outer housing of approx. 95°F (35 °C). Heating of cabinet compartments through stainless steel tubular heating elements. Frontal operation of heaters using On/Off switch with integrated indicator light, separately thermostat-controlled via continuously variable, ergonomically-shaped temperature controllers that are easy to read even from a distance, with temperature limiter as per VDE. Current supply via dimensionally stable and extractable spiral cable with angle plug and dummy socket in switch plate. One frontal push bar made of ergonomically-shaped stainless steel ø 1.0'' (25 mm) round tube. Four massive polymer corner bumpers at the bottom housing corners serve as bumpers and protect the equipment within these sections on all sides as well as building-side walls from being damaged. Trolley runs on 2 swivel casters with total locks, 2 fixed casters, fastened by means of screw-on plates and several screws.

The Hupfer food transport trolley SPTW 3EBH 3WF KD features the use of foil heating elements in the well area, which significantly reduces the heating time while providing the same output, as well as reducing the heat emitted by the outer housing and thereby allowing considerable savings in energy costs in the long term. Separate drainage channels running right up to the base shelf guarantee an uninterrupted discharge of water from the well. The cabinets feature a capacity up to 25 % greater in comparison to other products (when 65 mm deep GN containers are placed in it). The spring locks on the hinged doors close securely, even when subject to rough treatment.

Technical information

Maximum dimension: 530 × 325 mm
Capacity: 3 × GN 1/1-200 + 15 × GN 1/1-65
Modular dimension: 75 mm
Insertion type: Lengthwise
Thermoelectric supply: Wells: Foils / compartments Tubular heating element
Temperature range: Wells: 30–95°C / compartments: 30–80°C
Payload: 140 kg/309 lbs
Castors: 2 fixed castors, 2 swivel castors with lock ⌀ 125
Main construction: Closed, double-walled, three-part
Capacity: 3,450 W
Supply voltage: 230 V AC
Nominal current: 15 A
Protection class: IPX5
Frequency: 50 Hz
Weight: 122.72 kg
Width: 1315 mm
Depth: 729 mm
Height: 1043 mm