Transport shelving unit for system components

RTW/ST 12-5/1800
Mobile shelving unit made of high-quality stainless steel in self-supporting, hygienic design for storage and transport of system tray upper and lower parts.
Key facts
  • Pitch: 440 mm

  • Incl. 4 wire shelves 1,200 × 500 mm

  • Welded

  • Welded shelves

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Welded 1.0 × 1.0'' (25 × 25 mm) square tube design with curved upper frame corners and four... more

Product information

Welded 1.0 × 1.0'' (25 × 25 mm) square tube design with curved upper frame corners and four stainless steel wire shelves welded at clearances of 15.8'' (400 mm), consisting of 1.4 × 0.4 × 0.12'' (35 × 10 × 3.0 mm) angle sections on the long sides and ø 0.12'' (3.0 mm) wires welded in between and running crosswise at distances of 1. 2'' (30 mm), with reinforcement struts on the underside made of ø 0.16'' (4 mm) wires. U-shaped profiles, welded vertically at the front and made of 0.04'' (1.0 mm) thick stainless steel sheet, serve as tilt and push-through protection for the inserted system trays. 4 polyethylene disc bumpers serve as bumpers and protect trolley on all sides as well as building-side walls from being damaged. Mobile shelving unit with 4 swivel casters of which two with total locks, ø 4.9'' (125 mm), with pin fastening.

The Hupfer mobile shelving unit RTW/ST 12-5/1800 combines the robustness and torsional rigidity of a welded trolley with the low weight and easy manoeuvrability of a trolley that can be disassembled.

Technical information

Capacity: ca. 60 - 80 Systemteile 530 x370 mm
Modular dimension: 440 mm
Insertion type: Längs
Payload: 200 kg
Weight: 16.578 kg
Width: 1275 mm
Depth: 625 mm
Height: 1800 mm