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Gastronorm trolley for 36 × GN

RWG 1/36 GN 75-B-U
Gastronorm trolley in high version for storing GN 1/1 containers and associated partition elements.
Key facts
  • Crosswise insertion

  • Pitch: 75 mm

  • U-shaped rails

  • Stainless steel

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Trolley with one compartment in robust, self-supporting and hygienic design, made of high-quality... more

Product information

Trolley with one compartment in robust, self-supporting and hygienic design, made of high-quality 1.0 × 1.0'' (25 × 25 mm) stainless steel. 18 pairs of welded U-shaped shelf rails at distances of 3.0'' (75 mm), with push-through and tilt protections on both sides as per DIN EN 18867-2. In addition to the vertical square tubes, two 0.8 × 0.4'' (20 × 10 mm) rectangular-profile cross braces ensure user-friendly handling. 4 polyethylene disc bumpers serve as bumpers and protect trolley on all sides as well as building-side walls from being damaged. Trolley runs on 4 swivel casters of which 2 with total locks, ø 4.9'' (125 mm), with pin fastening.

The Hupfer gastronorm trolley RWG 1 / 36 GN 75-B-U has the lowest empty weight in comparison to other products and therefore provides outstanding handling properties, while its rail spacing of 75 mm gives it a 50 % greater capacity (when GN containers without lids with a depth of 150 mm are placed in it).

Technical information

Capacity: 36 × Tablett GN 1/1 oder 18 × GN 2/1
Modular dimension: 75 mm mit 18 Paar Einschubschienen (U)
Insertion type: Crosswise insertion
Payload: 180 kg
Weight: 21.471 kg
Width: 659 mm
Depth: 739 mm
Height: 1662 mm