Contains special equipment


CoolMultiMobil for storing, transporting and cooling pre-portioned meal components on trays, grilles or in containers.
Key facts
  • 26 runners, EN or GN

  • Convection cooling system

  • Stainless steel

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Two refrigerated compartments with rail pairs for keeping food cool according to HACCP... more

Product information

Two refrigerated compartments with rail pairs for keeping food cool according to HACCP specifications. Powerful air curtain refrigeration for cooling even when the front shutters are open for portioning food. Fan-assisted cooling for even and constant temperature distribution on all levels of the interior. On the front of each compartment an aluminium shutter with handle for one-handed use. Shutters can be opened separately on each compartment. Polymer rails ensure that shutters do no jam. Self-supporting torsionally rigid structure made of high quality stainless steel. Double-walled housing isolated on all sides with CFC-free,fire-retardant material. Housing with smooth stainless steel surfaces. On each corner a vertical ergonomic handle made of round stainless steel tube Simple and ergonomic manoeuvring of the cart with two hands at any handle height. Housing protected from damage by polymer bumper strips round the entire chassis and top. Protruding edges and attachments on the housing also inside the area protected by the bumper strips. Additional bumper on the rear at 150 mm level with common kitchen appliances. Front with built-in operating and control unit with digital temperature display, on/off switch and buttons for setting the temperature. Hygienic interior with smooth stainless steel surfaces. Air baffles in the rear and on the base can be removed for cleaning the interior. Heat exchanger for refrigeration installed behind removable rear panel. Each compartment has two removable stainless steel uprights with welded brackets for inserting trays, grilles or containers. Interior can be completely emptied and can be cleaned very easily and hygienically Optionally two LED light strips for lighting the interior without glare. Power club with sturdy cable screw connection and strain relief. Smooth power cable, approx. 1500 mm long. Stainless steel universal holder on the connection side for safely hanging the plug during transport. Technical compartment for refrigeration system below the cooling compartment. Inspection opening with triangular latch on the front for easy access to the refrigeration system.

Technical information

Capacity: Porzellan-Norm 1/4 bis zu 416 Schalen
Insertion type: Lengthwise
Payload: 320 kg / 705 lbs
Castors: 2 swivel castors with brakes, 2 fixed castors, rubber tires ⌀160 (others on request)
Main construction: Self-supporting, torsion-resistant construction made of high-quality stainless steel. Double-walled body insulated on all sides with CFC-free, flame-retardant core material.
Capacity: 600 W
Cooling capacity: 1039 W
Supply voltage: 230 V AC
Nominal current: 16 A
Protection class: IPX3
Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Width: 798 mm
Depth: 1114 mm
Height: 1973 mm